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March 10 2017

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Where You Belong Part 13




Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12

               “What do you mean going home?” Liv asked as disbelief settled acrossed her face. You sighed and turned to look at her. “Liv, I don’t really want to talk about it, I mean, it’s bad enough that I lost everything…” you looked down, feeling the sting of tears resting in the corners of your eyes. “I mean, I lost Sam…because of Roslyn, I lost my schooling, all those years of hard work, I just… I don’t want anyone to get hurt because of my selfishness.” You said grabbing the two bags and turning towards Liv. Liv stared at the different items you still had left. “What about all of this stuff? You worked so hard to get it” Liv whispered staring at the little items you’d bought or gotten from friends. Your bracelet from Sam lay on top of your jewelry box and liv grabbed it putting it on your wrist.

               “If you can’t take any of these things, at least take that… it means the most to you anyways” Liv smiled and hugged you tightly. “Any trouble, any at all and you call me, I’ll be there as soon as possible” she whispered holding you tightly to her. “Liv, I’ll be okay. I’ll text you when I get there” you smiled as you pulled away and looked at her. “I’ll keep in touch” you smiled and grabbed the note from the dresser, that Sam had given you with the bracelet; staring at it you felt tears well up in your eyes and you suddenly shoved the note in your pocket and shook your head. “If you see Sam, would you tell him… that…I love him too…” you whispered as Liv got tears in her eyes. Liv nodded and walked out to your car with you, as you shoved your stuff in the trunk, you looked back at her with sad eyes. “Well, get good grades and I better get an invitation to your graduation” you said smiling as Liv grinned and a couple of tears slid out. “I’m so sorry sweetie. Ill kick her ass for you.” She whispered as you shook your head “No Liv, she got what she wanted and I’m gone, I just hope Sam gets to keep his job.” You said looking down. You hugged one last time; you climbed in your car and started it up, driving away.

               Dean stood next to the impala, watching as you packed your bags into the car and hugged the blonde beside you before you got in and drove off. He called Sam, who quickly answered his call. “Did you find Roslyn yet?! I swear to god Dean if I see her again, I will-.” “Where’s Y/N going? She packed up all of her stuff and said goodbye to her roommate” Dean asked as Sam stopped talking. “What?” Sam asked “I don’t know, she mentioned something about going to her parents for Christmas but I didn’t think she’d leave this soon” Sam said quietly into the phone as he reached for his keys, accidently spilling the whiskey he’d been drinking. “Shit, Look Dean I’m on my way” Sam hung up and dashed for the door shaking his head a little trying to clear his vision up.

               You drove down the highway, listening to the radio softly, trying not to think about Sam any more than what you already were. You were going to miss him so much, the thought of him moving on and finding someone new to caress at night, someone who would run her fingers through his hair over and over. You sniffled and turned off the radio, you took the exit to your hometown and drove through the town slowly, looking around at how much had changed since you’d left 4 almost 5 years ago.

               You slowed to a stop in front of the Army Base and saw a tall, dark grey headed man inside the fence, he was ordering people around and held his arms behind his back. You recognized your father and frowned a bit driving to the edge of town to go home.

               Your house was a three story house, it was tan with white shutters, the snow and ice made the house seem like a fantasy house. You parked in your old spot, and sat in the car, playing with the bracelet on your left wrist. You got out once the heat had left the car, and grabbed your bags. As you walked up the front steps you noticed how icy they were; you knocked gently on the door and waited for it to open.

               The door opened after a moment to a medium height woman wearing a red shirt and black slacks. Her hair was curly and about shoulder length, which matched your hair color. Her eyes were a soft blue with a couple specs of green in them. “Y/N, you’re home early for Christmas…we weren’t expecting you until next week or the week of Christmas.” The woman said letting you in. You sighed “hi to you too mom” you mumbled walking past her. “Yes, Hello.” She said without emotion and shut the front door causing you to feel that eerie cold chill from your childhood creep down your spine. “Mom, I need to tell you something” you said sitting on the couch.

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February 01 2017


Fatlock 30 Day Challenge: Day 10



Day 10: A day of stuffing.

They hadn’t meant to overindulge, but there had been a holiday party with a rather large buffet spread. And then another party with wine and hors d’ouevres. And then Angelo had dropped by with an entire two-course supper to wish them happy holidays, and well, Angelo’s food was hot and smelled completely divine.

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I think this just killed me. Fwuh…

December 26 2016

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December 21 2016

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December 16 2016


The One with Donna’s Favorite Pajamas


Title: The One with Donna’s Favorite Pajamas

Summary: Christmas has become just another day for Dean, not worth celebrating. Donna, on the other hand, loves Christmas. Can she instill him with the Holiday Spirit by Christmas Day?

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x Donna Hanscum

Word Count: 925

Warnings: nsfw, explicit language, explicit sexual content, unprotected sex

Author’s Notes: Written for the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge from @waywardlullabies. Day 2 of 12 Days of Christmas, Prompt: Patterned Pajamas + Cold Days


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December 13 2016

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December 07 2016

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December 02 2016

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December 01 2016

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And you know that you’re the only one to say, okay.

November 28 2016





Prompt:  “Does anything hurt more than being ignored like that?” “Well… Bullets.”

Reader x Dean 

Warnings: some cursing, a bit of angst, fluff, bullets, getting rid of a body, the usual


You’d be stuck in the car for hours, staking out the latest big bad, and that would not have sucked if you and Dean had not argued just hours before.  

Before you were camped out in the backseat, knees to your chest, eyes glued to the window, watching the house from afar.  Dean, stuck to the front, jaw clenched, shoulders slumped, white-knuckling the steering wheel, without anywhere to go.  The silence was deafening.  

You could swear your heart was beating in your eardrums at how angered he had made you and it was taking all you had to not jump out of the car, walking out on him forever.  Or for as long as it would take to get over the fact that you were beyond pissed at him.  Whichever came first.

Time lapsed until the thing you were stalking slunk out of its house under the guise of the previous owner and headed down the street, hood over its head, eyes to the gravel.  You both silently exited the Chevy and began to tail the monster.  You both instinctively reached for your pocketed guns, holding them steady at your sides, as the target made a rather abrupt turn down an alleyway. 

Of course, you mumbled to yourself, could this be any more run of the mill? The big bad leads its unsuspecting trackers into an abandoned alley in the middle of the night, how could this possibly end well…

For it?

Dean didn’t once look back to you, didn’t instruct you on where to move, or to stay behind him, he pretended he was alone in this.  As did you.  You diverged to the right and took to the opposite end of the alley, thinking you’d catch the predator off guard and sandwich him in-between Dean’s steady trigger finger and your own.

The shifter caught on rather quickly however, and engaged in fisticuffs with Dean.  You struggled to get a shot off cleanly as you aimed, took in a steady breath, released it as you pulled the trigger, the shifter falling on top of Dean. Grunting, he threw the monster off of him and to his chagrin, you offered him a hand.  Hefting the bow legged jerk to his feet, he looked at you, for the first time in hours, and you exhaled,

“Does anything, Dean, anything in the world hurt more than being ignored like that?”  you anxiously awaited his answer.

He shrugged, looking down at the dead shifter, and a slow smile spread across his freckled face, “Well…bullets.”

“Ugh, just forget it, Winchester,” you stormed towards the Impala, shouting over your shoulder, “you take care of the clean up, I’m still pissed at you.”

“Looks mighty fine on you, Sweetheart,” Dean hollered back, causing you to hesitate in your steps.

“And quit lookin’ at my ass,” you flipped him off.

“Well,” Dean began to drag the shifter towards the gutter, “that’s progress, ain’t that right, you scumbag?” Dean watched as the shifter landed with a splash.

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“And, quit lookin’ at my ass.” I love this, the reader is so sassy


Holiday Giveaway


miniIt’s the holiday season now, for many religions, and in an attempt to spread some cheer, I’m hosting a giveaway!! All rules will be below, but first, let’s talk about what you will win!!

There will be one winner, and you you receive: 


  1.  a kanken ‘mini’ backpack in any color you want
  2.  a brand new lilly pulitzer agenda (not 2014-2015..that was the only pic)
  3.  a new set of muji gel pens
  4.  a kate spade holiday card set
  5.  a stabilo point 88 set (25 color)
  6.  iPad mini 3 in any color you want 


  • you must be following me 
  • you must reblog this photo (liking it does not count)
  • you must be okay with giving me your address (if you win) 

This is open internationally, and the giveaway ends on December 24th, and the winners will be announced the 25th! Goodluck!

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November 27 2016

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November 24 2016





“Give me that,” Sam orders, taking the wine glass from your hand and setting on the nightstand.

“Hey,” you protest.

“Hey yourself! We have this room all to ourselves for the next,” he looks at the clock on the nightstand, “eight hours and thirty-six minutes.  No hunting, no research, no Dean. That was just round one, babe.”  A sly grin crosses his features as he pounces on top of you.  Your giggles quickly dissipate as his lips find yours again.

“Ready to go again so soon, Winchester?” you tease.  He pushes his length against your thigh in response, you gasp in return.

“Oh, darling, with you, I’m always ready.”


November 23 2016


Christmas Writing Challenge!!


Okay so last night I got a tremendous amount of you saying that you would like to participate in my little challenge! This is my first attempt at a challenge like ever lol so you’ll have to bear with me. 

I’ve decided (with some major help from @waywardlullabies) that I’m gonna do a Christmas song and a holiday object.


  • Look over the list of songs/objects and shoot me an ask as to which you would like and who you wish to write about.
  • You don’t have to be following me for this but hey if you think I’m awesome then go for it lol ;)
  • It can be a oneshot or a drabble, ya know whatever floats your boat. So you don’t have to have it a specific length.
  • The fics you post can be literally whatever you want them to be. Smut, angst, fluff….whatever, but just know you need tag and warn about things that may be triggering to others. 
  • I would like there to be one person per song but if you really wish to do that song that’s fine because I know the outcome will differ. Two is the minimum! 
  • The last day to ask for a song/object will be Nov. 30th and the last day to post your fic will be Dec 31st. That gives you an entire month to write your fic. 
  • That being said I do realize it is the holiday season and most of you might be doing things with your family. If something comes up or you think you may need extra time just let me know :)
  • The fic can be about the song or the song can just be playing in the background, whatever you decide works. Make it the way you want to!
  • If you could please use the tag #spn Christmas Song Challenge that would be very much appreciated. I will be making a masterlist of all the cool things you all come up with!!
  • Also at the beginning of your fic let me know what pairing and song/object you had!! :D (ex. Dean x Reader, White Christmas & Eggnog) and please be sure to tag me so I can read all your wonderful fics!!

Songs/Objects under the cut!! 

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November 22 2016

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November 18 2016

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